Women Spend More Time on Unpaid Work Than Men Do

Yes I realise that this does differ from household to household but studies show that in the 21st century, women are still spending more time on unpaid work than men are.

Let’s quickly define this so we are on the same page:
* Unpaid work: caring for children, shopping, household chores, travel relating to household activities, time spent shopping (not for pleasure) and caring for the ill and elderly and so on.

And this is termed ‘work’ because theoretically you could pay another person to do this for you.

Statistically, this trend is seen more in low income countries, while in more high income countries more men are assisting with these tasks. Did you know that only half of women of working age are in the global work force, compared to 77% of men? This is because of tradition, gender social norms, lack of adequate jobs, lack of education, marital agreements, and the women doing unpaid work and not having time to build her own career.

Every minute that a person is spending on these unpaid tasks is a minute less that they are not spending on their own education or professional career, and therefore unable to contribute to their family’s income or even to the economic workforce.

Many people who are holding down a job AND doing these additional tasks have a very hard time finding a balance. Who comes first? What comes first? How can I get in 8 hours work, fetch my children, attend the meeting and get to the cricket practice in time?

working moms

At the back of most working mom’s minds there is a sense of guilt that you cannot get to every swimming gala, school play and tennis match. You want to assist in the tuckshop, help out at break duty and be a class assistant…but you need to put in the time at the office. Did you know that your child LOVES to see you interacting with their teacher and they also feel very proud when mom or dad is helping out at their school? But how on earth do you find these extra hours in your day when you still need to bring in money to your household?

Women who take on these unpaid tasks generally end up having to take on part-time employment rather than full time employment due to the time they have available, and then find it so difficult to have enough money or to try and build any sort of career. But….

What if you COULD stay at home, do everything you need and make a decent amount of money every month?

…all within your 8 hour day? I am not talking about online surveys or becoming a dog walker although those are options too; I am talking about investing in yourself, learning new skills and creating an income stream and still get to do what you want and take on the unpaid ‘work’. Except now, you will be creating your own wealth stream.

I am talking about learning to trade foreign exchange online and in the comfort of your own home. You might not ever even heard of that before but don’t stop reading now. Don’t think ‘that’s only for economists and smart people in snazzy suits’. And don’t think ‘that doesn’t interest me’. If you have never done it, how could you ever know that? I have forex traders who are qualified dentists, police women, graphic designers and kayak builders to name a few, and they are trading either part time or full time.

One of the great things is that there are ways and means that you will learn where you do not have to sit in front of your computer for eight hours a day. This really is an income generator for people of all ages and all walks of like.

With technological advancement, forex trading is now accessible to everyone; in a nutshell you are trading your own money, you have access to it all the time and you can literally watch it grow. All you need to do is invest some money and time and ‘up’ your skill set. Practice makes perfect. Yes there is an element of risk but you are taught how to manage this. There is an element of risk with any job that you have – the company could lose a large account, sales drop, they go into liquidation and you get retrenched with the cut-backs. Once you learn to trade online, you will one day never have to rely on another person to pay you money ever again.


It is too much to go into everything now, but there are strategies available to each and every person – you learn the ones that suit your life style. In time you will be able to travel and do this from a beach in Zanzibar or from an apartment in Paris.

Here’s what you need to do: sign up for a course with a forex trading course with a reputable training and trading company where you are constantly supported and assisted, where you can always reach someone when you have a question and you are never left alone, uncertain of what to do next.

So if someone in your house has to take care of the ‘unpaid’ work, let it be YOU. Stick up your hand and volunteer for that! But now you will be able to create your own income stream and you can actually get paid for doing this ‘work’ – and you only need to do it for a short time every day.

What ‘unpaid’ work do you do in your average day?