Japanese Forex Divas

These days, they are Instagramming and Tweeting their new high end purchases all over social media. Designer handbags and champagne breakfasts are what’s hot now! Japan’s younger forex divas are posting their wins and purchases everywhere. They have that amazing feeling of success and want to show it off.

But female forex traders are not new in Japan. Japan currently has the largest population of female traders in the world, making up 25% of the forex trading market.

In the 90’s, Japan was in a recession: during this time the dominant workforce was made up of men. And during this period, housewives realized that they could increase their household income by trading – many started out trading commodity futures through brokers and from there moved on to trading forex online, and they did this in the spare time they could find between doing the grocery shopping and the many other household chores that they had to do during the day. The government encouraged this. It was beneficial to their economy.

Mrs Watanabe is the name given to the female forex traders in Japan who have become a real force in the market. And Mrs. Watanabe is back. She is younger. And she is more aggressive.

Previously it was older housewives who were the forex traders; these days the female forex traders are younger says Kazuhiro Kioke, head of one of Japan’s first online-trading platforms. The younger generation traders today are earning money from trading the forex markets and then spending this money on luxury items. This expenditure in Japan is boosting the Japanese economy. Women are becoming more economically literate and making money off of it. Awesome!

Historically, Japanese women only had temporary jobs but now these ladies are able to have a stable income, AND trade the markets for only a couple of hours a day. And they are making thousands of dollars every month doing it. And best of all, they are doing it from home.

Ironically, these younger forex traders are now being eyed to go back into the workforce as the Japanese has a labour shortage due to birthrates being kept so low for so long. The question is, will the corporate world be able to offer the money and freedom that these ladies enjoy while trading the forex markets, where they are able to trade a few hours in the morning and then head off on their shopping spree before lunch?

Would you like to become the next ‘Mrs Watanabe’?