Join the Savings Squad and save R50,000 in 2019!

This challenge is based on R50,000. If you don’t live in South Africa and still want to join the challenge to either push yourself, get creative with ideas, meet new people, or just make the money, of course you can join! – at the moment (December 2018), R50, 000.00 is equivalent to:

** US$ 3, 513.00
** GBP 2, 781.00
** EUR 3, 092.00

We are sitting at the end of 2018 and so many people are hanging on for their early pay check and hopeful for their Christmas bonuses.

I ask myself every year – why don’t I plan better?! Why haven’t I planned ahead? This time last year we all knew that Christmas 2018 was going to happen in December 2018! It was not a surprise was it? Funny how history tends to repeat itself…

I am putting a challenge to myself and to you – and that is to create money and save R50, 000 by the end of 2019!

And you can do with it what you want. No worries for December 2019.

Go on holiday, buy gifts, school books, pay school fees for 2020, donations, debt – you name it. You will have money for these things!

Let’s take a look at what this is all about.


* This challenge is not about taking money from your salary or suffering in any way

* It is not a get rich quick scheme


*This challenge is to help you learn to think outside of the box and to think about money differently

*You will become creative with the ways in which you can make money

*It will help you push past your fears

*This challenge will inspire you

*You might find that ‘one thing’ that you have been looking to do

*If you stick with it you should have R50, 000 by the end of 2019



Days to Go

New Ideas

Save R50,000

in our 52 week savings challenge
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Take charge of your finances and join this challenge and save R50, 000 by the end of 2019.

I have created a free template for you to help you stick with the challenge and keep up.

Download it, print it and stick it up where you can see it and at the end of each week tick off the amount once you have put it into your savings.

** Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will make the entire amount of R50, 000.00. This entirely depends on you and the effort that you put into this challenge to make this a reality for yourself. I cannot be held liable should you not achieve your goals. This is supposed to be a fun way for people to learn new skills, to start thinking creatively about money and to make money.

The following tips are just to get you warmed up – for this challenge you are going to be forced to think out of the box, come up with new ideas, try things you have never done before and really get pushed out of your comfort zone. It will be tough but it will be fun!

Don’t take money from your salary and put it into the challenge.

The point of this challenge is to get you thinking differently about money.


Go through your house, garage, attic and storage rooms and see what you items you no longer need and sell these.

Get a couple of friends together and have a garage sale – or sell your items on Facebook groups, Gumtree or IOL.

Put this money towards y our first week’s goal.

What are you watching?

There are cheaper ways to watch a good series and movies.

Instead of paying for full subscriptions services for TV, change your package or switch to Netflix or Showmax which are a lot cheaper and can save you a lot of money.

Or create your own ‘movie club’ (think along the lines of Book Club), and swap series and movies with your girlfriends.

You need to take that money that you are saving and physically ADD it to your target for the week.


Offer to do babysitting so parents can enjoy a night out. And get involved: play games, do activities , get crafty, Give parents good feedback when they get home. Nobody want to pay someone for plonking their kids down infront of the TV and doing nothing else.

Or try pet sitting – if you are at home you can offer to look after a couple of dogs during the day or if people are going away, you can go to their houses and look after their pets for them.

And lastly you can offer to do house sitting – again, to look after people’s homes while they are away.

Stop buying lunch for work

If you make your own lunch and take it to work, you can save up to R8, 000.00 a year! Put that towards your goal.
We have a few weeks left until the 01st January 2019 when this challenge will officially start so start thinking and researching ways that you can start to make money weekly. It will be worth it. See you there!