As much as I love this time of year there is a lot of things that need to get done at home. And sometimes it can be quite finishing some of the tasks with my children home in the holidays. Or even worse, they are bored! Here is a list of the most common things that we need to do before Christmas, and we don’t really realise how close we are until Christmas and then all panic sets in.

A few of the things that need to be done:

* Meal planning
* Shopping list
* Decor, cutlery and crockery
* Out-of-town guests accommodation
* Games and activities
* Christmas cards and gift planning
* Play dates and outings
* Christmas Eve preparations
* Christmas Day preparations
* Thank you notes
* Back-to-school uniforms and clothing
* Stationery, text books and workbooks bought, covered and labelled….and so much more!

The point is, there is a lot going on at the moment and in between these busy days, your children either need to be entertained, have play dates, or keep themselves occupied at home.

I have created a Christmas Holiday memory game for your print, back on card and laminate and let your children play memory game or snap.

There are 8 pairs so suitable for children ages 4 – 7 years. Enjoy!