Don’t Let Your Fears Stand in the Way of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought of an idea or product that you are sure will make a good business only you don’t do it, and then months or even years later you see someone else has one the same thing and you could just kick yourself for not even trying?

So you have now decided that you want to work for yourself – you have your already done your homework and put your things into place. You might be:
*Selling products in a shop, a market or online
*Offering a service such as dog walking or graphic design, or being a life coach
*Staring a franchise business

BUT – something is stopping you from launching it. You are so confident in your product, you KNOW everything is right. You have spent blood, sweat and tears (and money!) on it but there is just something holding you back.

Fears people have about being an entrepreneur

  1. You are scared of what your family and friends are going to say
    The people closest to you often try and talk you out of it, and believe it or not they do it out of love. They just don’t want to see you get hurt or struggle if your new business doesn’t work

  2. You feel inadequate
    You might start to talk yourself out of it, convincing yourself that you are not adequate enough to do the things you need to do, especially if you are completely new at this

  3. What if I don’t like it? Will it bring me joy?
    Only do something that you are passionate about. Don’t try and do something ‘because you parents think it’s a good idea’, or ‘your friend does it and has fun and is trying to convince you’ but you don’t think it’s a good idea. Being an entrepreneur is about long hours and working hard – especially in the beginning. So do what you are passionate about, offer the best service you can to people and you will love what you do!

  1. Lack of Funding
    Most people don’t have the cash lying around to start up a business and so they drop they idea and continue working away 9 to 5. In South Africa, there are various places that you can go to for funding – now you need to start thinking outside the box. This is where it can stat to get fun!
    Have a look at this post and see how you can make some cash to get your business off the ground! It’s all about copying the professional.

  2. Fear of Failure
    Being an entrepreneur is not about choose the easy street – it is a challenge but along that way you learn so much about so many different things (including about yourself), it becomes an experience. Failure will set you back, yes, but what is the worst thing that can happen.

    In August 2017, Stats SA released their findings that about 14 million people in this country live on less than R441.00 per month, which is currently the country’s poverty line.

    You start to think, if I leave my job which is secure, and my business doesn’t work, what am I going to do? How am I going to survive?

  3. Fear of Selling
    It is not only about selling your physical products, it’s about selling yourself especially if you have a service that you are providing. Some people just cannot pick up the phone and cold call other people, or do things to talk about themselves or their products.

Fear is a very powerful emotion – there is something self-destructing inside of us when we reach that bridge that we need to cross over, the X-factor of fear comes out jumping up and down for your attention, gripping your heart and telling your brain that this is crazy and you just can’t do it. You need to push through.

If you’ve made it this far, well done!

This will help you work through your own obstacles and get your company out there. Just push through. No-one else can do what you can do.

Let me know how it goes by commenting below. You can do it!

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