Did you know that Pinterest is not a social media platform at all, but it is a visual search engine?

Creating a Pinterest business account can drastically increase your reach and create organic growth – here are 10 things that Pinterest will do for your business.

Pinterest will boost your brand’s awareness

With over 200 million user’s on Pinterest, you can’t really afford not to have a business account with them. Showcase your business to local and international customers.

Drive traffic to your site with it’s SEO and organic growth formulas

Pinterest is not a social media platform but it is an SEO platform – using images. It is such a fantastic tool to use and it allows people to search for things by images. Building audiences and making relationships help your own Pinterest boards to get showcased to tons of people!

Increase bookings to your hotel/ attraction/ restaurant/ course

By showing people images of your restaurant, providing menus or recipes, showing videos on how to make things, you will generate interest in your product. The more open and honest you are, the more people will be attracted to you. Provide something unique so that people will want to come and visit you!

Earn your business an additional income stream, if this is part of your strategy

Let’s say you are a hip hop dance teacher. So you generate your income by teaching people how to dance. You can expand grow your income streams by selling dance shoes or dance clothing, selling tickets to shows, selling online courses and teaching people how to do the moves in their own home and so forth. Use Pinterest to generate the traffic and send these people to your website or blog.

Pinterest works well with your other social media platforms

You can use Pinterest to generate leads and steer people to your other social media accounts such as Facebook. Or you can use Facebook, for example, to steer people to your Pinterest pages, and ultimately to your website or blog.

Pinterest will tell a visual story of your business

By setting up gorgeous boards and creative pins in your Pinterest business account, you will create a visual story of y our business to attract customers and followers. We think in images, so use them!

It is one of the best ways to host a contest of giveaway

Pinterest does have set rules when it comes to giveaways and competitions, but you can get very creative and unique when setting up your competition.

You can post videos and vlogs to your Pinterest boards

Teach someone how to cook a recipe, re-pot a plant or let people get a sneak peek of what your hotel rooms look like – pique their curiosity.

Pins that you save to your boards, link to your website or blog

Once you have created a pin, you insert your page URL and then save it to a board. When someone else saves that pin, it still links back to your page/ website/ blog. Now that person’s audience will see your pin and click through to your website. And if someone else saves that pin….organic growth!

Pinterest users are active

With over 200 million users on Pinterest per month, you do not want to be left out. This number is constantly growing and so you really need to make your presence known here.

Well there you go – a quick run down of 10 powerful ways that Pinterest will help your business!