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The Challenge: To Make a Million in Forex Trading

Can he do it?

I am going to tell you about someone who is on a mission to make a million in forex trading.
Have you ever thought of trying to make a million Dollars, Pounds, Yen, Rand…whatever?

How would you try to make a million? Perhaps you would go to university and study towards a degree and eventually graduate with a doctorate and try to make money that way – by having a job and working hard. Or perhaps you have thought about buying and selling property? Or putting away a large portion of your income every month so when you turn 60 you can retire with millions in the bank.

Studying a degree at university is not better than trading forex

Stop. Have you every thought of learning to trade the forex markets and creating that money yourself? Yes, it is a real thing and making money from forex trading is real. You can very possibly make a million in forex trading.

In South Africa there is a professional training and trading institute called The Bank Trader and the founder has put a challenge out to himself to see if he can turn a US$10.00 investment into ZAR 1, 000, 000.00 (on today’s rate of exchange that is approximately US$ 73, 835.00).

Now one thing about trading forex is that there are different strategies available – two people can enter the same trade, exit at the same time and will most likely have completely different results. Some people enjoy the longer trades, trading on the daily and weekly charts. Some people prefer the adrenalin pumping ride of trading on the 1, 5 and 15-minute charts.

Because The Bank Trader’s account is starting off small, he is going to be cautious and trade carefully with small lot sizes. Should he be successful, it will take an estimated 25 – 30 months for him to make a million.

Why is he doing this?

1. To show that money really can be made by trading the forex markets

2. To prove that forex trading is not a scam

3. I think to show that there is a ‘right’ way to trade forex ie. don’t take huge risks and lose your money in one trade that goes the wrong way. Don’t gamble. Put yourself through a forex trading course.

I would like to add from my own opinion that this is so superbly transparent I love it! Where else do you ever get to see this? AND it’s on a live account. No demos here folks! This is the real deal.

Isn’t that better than some of the other ideas you have thought of? Just imagine: make a million in forex trading.

Follow The Bank Trader and see him make a million in forex trading

If you are interested in following this trade on this ‘make a million’ challenge, you should register with The Bank Trader (for free) and follow the progress. All of the this trade’s information is there.

That’s not all. Once you have registered on the site there is a wealth of information (see what I did there?). It is great for taking a course or courses in forex trading, and it is also an amazing platform for people who can already trade.

Think of this: if you had found this post yesterday, you would be one step ahead today.

Update 04 March 2018: Now you can open an account and set it to auto-trade on this challenge. Click here for details on exactly how to do this – it is easier than you think!


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